Solar Off-Grid System for 3 Hrs Back-up

1 kW Power Pack

Approx Price: Rs 1 Lakh / Kilowatt 

Product Description

From everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lights, to daily essentials like cooking, laundry or kids’ bath times, power outages are occurring more frequently than ever and lasting longer with devastating effects. Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted name in residential standby power. If the power ever goes out, your generator goes on – automatically – protecting you and your home 24/7.

A Solar off grid system is a simple system where solar energy (sunlight) is converted directly to electricity using solar panels and stored in batteries. Since the electrical appliances are driven from AC power, the power packs are provided with a Solar-Mains hybrid inverter with Solar priority charging. The Solar hybrid inverter and Solar power generator has built-in battery protection circuit, which protects the battery from over charging, short circuit, reverse polarity and deep discharge.


Features :

When the utility power is interrupted, the generator detects the problem and goes to work

The automatic transfer switch safely disconnects the utility line and simultaneously connects a new power line       from the generator

Power is restored within seconds

When utility power is restored, the generator returns to standby mode

Automatic, hands-free backup power supply for home or business.

Kicks in within ten seconds of determining power loss. Your life won’t miss a beat..

Easiest installation and best value on the market

True Power TM Technology provides clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

Quiet-Test TM mode for a weekly self test that’s quieter than other brands.

Energy saving from the first day – respite from long electricity bills

Long lasting

Minimal maintenance

The Specifications of this Solar Off grid system is given below. Have a look.



1kW  Solar Power Pack




1kW / 12V Solar PCU


Lead Acid Tubular battery @C10 – 12V/150AH x 4

Solar Module

250 Wp x 4 pcs

Charger Type

PWM Charger

Rated Battery Voltage

12 VDC

Other Accessories

Junction Box, Panel Mounting Structure, Battery Stand, Cables & Hardware

Electricity Load

700 Watt @ 3 Hrs

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